This place is desolate again. But I don't think anyone reads it really anyway, so it's more for myself to have an outlet to spew out my ridiculous inner retardation. I have released quite a bit of songs since the last update. Some are my own interpretations of existing songs (Turn the Page, Ring of Fire, etc), and then some are completely new and original songs created by my very own brain. Pinky even drops by from time to time to help ole Brain out. Check out everything on the Music page. As for my most recent original song, it is titled "Cracks In the Window" and is by far my favorite one in terms of how it all just sorta came together magically. It's like when I start to make an ultimate grilled cheese sammich. I just pick up some bread and cheese and the next thing I know I am on autopilot creating the most wonderful concoction of cheese and bread that can be forged together in the most scrumptious way. Mmmm. Just thinking about that makes my inner fatty sense tingle. *Drooool*.  Oh wait, where were we? Oh yeah, zee song! LISTEN TO IT NOW OR I WILL STONE YOU! Not really, but seriously I will...
It's been a while since I posted on here, as I suspected would happen. My ADD kicked in and I zoned out for a couple months. I'm back now...for the moment. To make up for it, I have uploaded a new song. Ok, I didn't do it to make up for's just because I want to show it off. I know, I'm a conceited bastard. But that's what having a website is for right? WRONG! Err, I mean, sure it is. This is one that I have created entirely from scratch, and it is called "The Everlasting Haze". It was birthed by my one and only brain. Mr. Brain and I started playing zee ole geetar one day and it all just kinda happened from there. The soothing lust of the sound that came from the guitar started touching me inappropriately on my ears, and I liked it. I liked it a LOT. So I took that lustful sound, coddled it, and spent some alone time with it. I then crafted it into a mighty beast and whipped it into a full, rich sounding song.

This song is driven by acoustic guitar as the main backbone, but as it builds there are more instruments that come in. The piano compliments the guitar throughout the song, which is pretty much just me randomly pressing piano keys. Though somehow it seemed to fit perfectly in place, kinda like a corny dog shoved into a doughnut. Mmmm, those scrumptious Doughdogs. The drums are some mamajammin' war-drum sounding sons of bitches, which come in once the chorus kicks in. The chorus is also accompanied by a smooth violin that peacefully slides into your ear from behind. Then when the bridge comes, it's followed by an organ solo. That's right kids, a muthafuckin' ORGAN SOLO. Throughout the rest of the song, everything continues to build and build until it can't hold back anymore, and then it releases its love-gasm, which fades to a slow, calming end. The vocals are probably the most powerful I have done, both in terms of dynamics and emotion. There's not really a genre that this song goes in, so I made one up. It's called "Acoustic Rock Soundtrack", because the instrumentals sound like something that could be used as a soundtrack for a miggity movie or some shizzle.

As for the video, I decided to make a half-assed music video to go along with it. I used scenes from the movie "Silent Hill" and chopped and wacked it up so that they kinda go with the music. It seems to fit the whole feel of the song. 

So without further adieu, prepare your ears for a rapey good old time:

And in case you're interested, here are the lyrics:

As I walk through the vacant abyss of life, 
I see a tunnel with no end in sight
I pace up and down the darkened corridor of my mind, 
Ignoring what tries to stop me from breaking from the bind
I attempt to find the light of hope at the end of the gray, 
Only to find a tunnel that leads nowhere, empty feelings betray

Breaking shadows cast upon your face
Screaming sounds of lying concious hate
A time finally comes where I notice the glimmer of your light, 
The gleaming brightness of new day starts to open before my eyes
Almost as welcoming me in I start heading your  way
I see a vision of myself hidden deep within your face
I stroll through the passage to a warm eternal frost, 
Now realizing what I found in you was no longer lost

Breaking shadows cast upon your face
Screaming sounds of lying concious hate
Broken shadows created in your place
Screaming sounds of hope, an everlasting haze

There’s a new day that opens not one path
But an array of endless choices we can take
This newly found bliss is what governs what we have lost along the way
And that is the chance to start something that i pray will give new way
To turn dark into a new dawn of light where we can both sit here and fall far astray

Broken shadows created in your place
Screaming sounds of hope, an everlasting haze
Everlasting haze
Just a quick note to say that I have recently uploaded two new songs to mah collection. They are both covers I created from scratch for the songs: "Set Fire to the Rain" and "Dust in the Wind". I know, I know...they are definitely not similar. But tis why I strive to add some variety to the mix to shake shit up. Chiggity check them out below:

Set Fire to the Rain (Cover)

Dust in the Wind (Cover)

I didn't like the outcome of the election. I am SO furious and upset! Do you know what I'm gonna DO about it?! You REALLY wanna know?! ...I'm gonna flee the country. THAT'S RIGHT! I'm OUTTA here! I'ma pussy out and abandon everything because things didn't go my way!  ...Yeah, you go ahead and do that. If you don't love your country enough to want to stay a part of it, through thick and thin, then just abandon it completely...why not? Let's all move to Canadia, or Canada...whatever it's called, so that we can freeze our asses off! WOO! Seriously, people who get all PMSey because the hell fire of Romney didn't reign upon our country need to lighten up a tad. If you want to be raped of Sesame Street, forced to birth the child of your sweet daddy rapist, and absolutely hate people who are not bozillionaire's...then let's get the man in da white hizzouse to be Hitler himself! Yay! Ring around the Romney bush, we all fall down. I didn't really care who got elected, as long as Mit-Rapey didn't get put in a position of power to bend over the States and give it a fresh one. To all the people who are having anal leakage over it and want to give up on the country, I hereby say to you: TOODLES! Flee to France to have toast in the quarters of zee hairy moostache laydeh! Bonjour!

And that's all I have for today folks. I leave you now with the funk of AC/DC:

So I decided that I should give this hip new "blog" thing a shot. It's not like it's been around for ages and I'm late on jumping on the bandwagon or anything. It's more like I jumped on a slow tricycle, designed for a snail. I call it a sniecle. If we could teach snails to ride tricycles..wouldn't you at least want to try it? I would have the most badass snieclist of all time. And I would name him.....Juruffalo. Why? I don't know. And neither should you. All I know is that I need to go get me some medication STAT!

Ok, now that I have wasted precious seconds of your life with complete and udder (mooo) nonsense, how about I type something worth reading? Or not. Well, obviously I have a central website now. It contains all of my interests and work I have created over the years in one easily accessible place. If only there were a place like that for people to share who they are. Face-whata? Oh yeah, that ole bastard. Well that phenomenon seems to be a bit limited on what I can do and how I want to present myself, so I created a website from scratch to really showcase what I want to be seen. Don't worry, I'm still on and use Facebook. Don't get your crusty pink panties in a wad. No need for your to fill up your huggies just yet. I have not abandoned e-society and descended into social apprehension. I am merely just branching off into my own little world. That world, however, can be a dangerous place if you are not prepared. For I am a mysterious force of unforeseen existence.'re right. That means nothing. I just wanted to sound smart.

I hope to provide to you...yes YOU...with the content that you would dream to read. If you made it this far, then don't get your hopes up just yet. Give me a few blog entries to get your attention and steal your interest. I want to mug you with my words, while I flirt with your mind.'s getting weird between us. And for that...I do not apologize, for I think we have something special. Call me maybe? BETTER call me. And don't forget to ask what color socks I'm wearing. 

Anyway, if you still don't care about what I'm saying, then do yourself a favor and walk the plank off of this ship. For me bird is squakin' up a there storm, lad! Fuck, I wish I were a pirate. I would imagine becoming a pirate is much like being initiated into a gang. You have to do something to really prove yourself. If I were trying to become a pirate, I would steal the booty. I would steal ALL of that booty. For the booty is the pirate's best lad. The booty makes you feel good when you look at it. The way the booty glistens in the light makes you just wanna grab it. And having lots of booty makes others jealous. They see a pirate with so much booty that theyz be like DAAAAYUUUUMM! I GOTS ta get me summa that BOOTY! ARG!! That's right, they fantasize about getting some of that booty, for their booty is cheap and ghetto. That there ghetto booty. But booty is booty no matter the quality. That's my motto and I'm sticking too it. (I just wanted to see how many times I could use the word booty).

Now enough about pirates and their gold. I obviously need some help...and some sleep. SO.. I hereby leave you with this pirate poem to tickle your pirate fancy while you sleep. (That does not sound creepy...I promise).

Shiver me timbers, shiver me toes
I look at me booty, as the hot air flows
I sip on me rum, as I chew on me gum
Then I grab me booty, and alas the wind blows